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Wednesday, December 10, 2008


One would not think you would use the word "cheap" to describe gas prices. But compared to how they were over the summer, you have to admit, it is nice. And the best part is, I took this picture a few weeks ago when the gas dropped under the $2/gallon mark. Yesterday I filled my tank on gas that was only $1.64/gallon!


Bob Crowe said...

You guys are still being gouged by the oil companies. $1.43 for regular here in STL, even a little cheaper in the outlying areas. I'm gettin' me a Hummer.

Small City Scenes said...

Ain't it great!!! I wonder why it is so high when we have so many refineries right here? But I'll take $1.64. MB

Jana said...

It is still $2.20 here in Northeasern Calif. Our county officials have intiated a state inquiry into the high prices in our area. But considering we almost saw $5/gallon this year, I am pretty happy with $2.20!

Thiên said...

I just fueled up on Regular for $1.48 a gallon here in South Texas. We almost got to $4 not too long ago. It's amazing how much it has dropped.