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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Frost is finally here!

I came out to my car this morning and had to break out my ice scraper!!! I know I have posted a lot about how warm the weather has been staying (with the exception of a colder windy day last week), but the forecasters are saying the end of that warm weather is upon us. I even heard the prediction of snow! (I HIGHLY doubt that tho). Welcome, Winter!


gogouci said...

I've heard the same rumor. Snow forecast possibly Saturday and Sunday in the valley. Perfect picture of the frosty winter to come.

Jules said...

The frost makes such beautiful photos but is a bit too cold for this tropic-living blogger!!!

jill said...

Ooh, pretty photo! I'm sure it would mess up some delicate, natural and economical balance, but I'd be very happy with a nice warm winter.

Jana said...

We might get snow this weekend. I like how the veins of the leaves are highlighted by the frost. Nice!