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Thursday, December 18, 2008

More of the same

Its dumping snow again this morning. Last night it actually rained, so it melted away most of what was out there, but a fresh new layer fell to take its place.


mirage2g said...

We had snow today but wasnt cold enough to keep them...they melt as soon as they touch the ground so it just seems rain.

Love the closeup shot...I never had the chance to go out in the cold snowy day yet...

Small City Scenes said...

More--more--more!! STOP!!
So what is going on with this snow stuff. we are supposed to get a drizzle of white and then it goes away and we continue on our merry what. Not this year. MB

Jim said...

Looks like thats snowball makin snow.

Jana said...

We are getting more snow today. Hopefully the weather is calmer in your area!

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