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Thursday, March 26, 2009

"I could grow a stick"

I am getting married in a little over two months. I have a plan to decorate my wedding cake using nasturtiums. Typically, nasturtiums are planted after the final freeze of spring, and bloom in July or so. Since my wedding is in early June, special preperations had to be made. Luckily, my mom has the greenest of green thumbs. When I told her of my project, she planted the seeds in pots in her house. When I expressed even the slightest twinge of worry, she responded "Sarah, I could grow a stick", which erased all doubts. As of yesterday she had five baby nasturtiums growing (it has been just over a week since they were planted). My cake plans are going to work! :) THANKS MOM!!!


Small City Scenes said...

Ah....little Nasties are so much fun to grow and so spicy to eat. they will look heavenly on your wedding cake. Congrats. MB

Jana said...

That cake will be wonderful. Be sure to post photos. Aren't moms amazing!!!