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Monday, December 28, 2009

Bagby Hot Springs

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday! We did :) On Sunday, some friends from out of town came to visit and we went to Bagby Hot Springs. Bagby is a natural hot springs site located up in the wilderness beyond Estacada, OR. The site is about a mile hike in, and consists of a variety of tubs and bathhouses. This time of year it is much less popular than in the summer due to the snow. But the 138 degree crystal blue waters provide comfort in even the cold weather. We got there early and claimed the main tub on the open deck. We stayed til it started to get darker and hiked out. This week I will post some pics from our adventure.


tapirgal said...

Wonderful! I'll look forward to more pix of your adventure at Bagby. I was there once, and it's truly a special place. We had one of the smaller tubs, as there was a big party in the main tub (around October?). The rustic atmosphere is delightful, along wiht the hot water and the scenery. I hope to go back!

tapirgal said...
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SmilingSally said...

That is a unique way to spend Christmas Day. I'm sure that hot water felt good. Happy Blue Monday!

Joops said...

Nice one!

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