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Monday, August 23, 2010

Blue Huckleberry

Saw this blue huckleberry plant and was instantly pulling out my camera. I think that blue huckleberries have to be rare in our area. I have personally never seen a plant. I always have seen the pink ones. These were just beginning to ripen. Huckleberries are some of my favorite berries. The sour flavor is like a time machine, it brings me right back to being a kid.


SmilingSally said...

It looks ripe.

Happy Blue Monday!

RainGardener said...

Funny you should say that because Huckleberries do the same to me. I have 3 old growth stumps I have fought loggers, stumpgrinders and husband to keep. Each has a huckleberry bush on them. Love my yearly taste to immediately whisk me down memory lane eating them as a child. In fact last year I purchased a blue Huckleberry bush for my gardens. Haven't got to taste one yet but I also thought the birds might like them - they love my others.
We went down to the Olympic Peninsula last year for our yearly pioneer reunion where my Grandfather homesteaded and went up to a place my parents would take us growing up. There were the biggest huckleberries I have ever seen and were they ever yummy. I just told my husband we should make a run over there just for a bite and another picture. It would be about a 3-4 hour drive for that bite. LOL

Kala said...

Wish I could taste it right now!

Tammie Lee said...

yum a huckleberry. I must get out and pick before the time has come to pass us!

tammymcchesney said...

My mouth is already watering...perfect capture!

JoJo said...

It sure looks like a regular blueberry to me! YUM!

Bogdan Stelistul said...

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