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Friday, October 8, 2010

Blue Autumn Skies

Did ya miss me?! I didn't post a picture yesterday. It was one of those days where I could not find a free second :(

Todays pic is taking one last, longing look at the autumn blue skies. Since I took this picture a week ago, the clouds have rolled in. Everything is very dark and gloomy. No real rain yet, but that will change, today probably.


  1. I see fall colors and it's beautiful! Happy weekend!
    Blue sky Reflection

  2. Beautiful fall foliage! Hey are you having any problems with your Dashboard on Blogger? The updated blog posts are gigantic for some reason.

  3. It's here isn't it? Interesting that one of our maples have turned color, another only half, and some hardly a sign. Best do what you have to do outside today, for the weekend forecast says rain.

    P.S. your header photo on the other blog should be illegal. ;) Spectacular.

  4. Lovely with that sun beaming through.

  5. The leaves make such a pretty pattern in your picture!

  6. Love the glimpse of blue through the coloured leaves! Great shot!


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