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Friday, October 29, 2010

Cloudy Skies, Rainy Days

The cloudy weather has taken over this neck of the woods. Don't blink, or you will miss the bits of blue in the distance!

Happy Halloween to everyone!


Nukke said...

HAPPY HALLOWEEN to You too !!!!! Beautiful cloudy skies, great colours ! Me too like to take pics like this. Thank you so much for your comment ! and I'll be back here to see more of your pics later this weekend :)

Stephie said...

Have to appreciate the good days while you have them. That's a pretty sky though.

Thanks for your visit. Happy Halloween (weekend) to you too :)

Kay L. Davies said...

Good thing you took the shot before you blinked, preserving those bits of blue forever -- they might come in handy in the middle of a drab west coast winter. I've experienced many of them, and know the moments of beauty are that much more precious for being rare.

fredamans said...

I feel the storm brewing when I look at those skies! Great shot!

Gramma Ann said...

The same thing happened to me this past week, cloudy rainy days. But, we make the best of what we can photograph. I do like your moody cloud covered sky, it is very dramatic.

Rosadimaggio63 said...

Grande bella foto di tramonto !
Happy Halloween to you !
:) Myriam

JoJo said...

The weather does make for dramatic skies though.