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Monday, October 11, 2010

The end of summer gardening

While fall has some perks (the smells and colors mostly), it signals the end of my favorite time of year and to one of my favorite activities, gardening. Ive slowly been putting my summer garden to bed and preping for the long winter ahead.


  1. Beautiful composition, colors and bokeh. Soon I will be covering my roses and pulling up most of my annuals - I already miss summer.

  2. So next spring you wanna come to my house and work your gardening magic in my yard? I have a black thumb. If it has flowers on it, I'll kill it.

  3. Hope we don't have a lot of snow this Winter. Great shot you've got here and thanks for sharing!
    Indian Corn
    Favorite Snack

  4. beautiful nice and focused.

  5. ...and Christmas is fast approachin'... it's gettin' colder...^^


  6. What a wonderful image! I love the blossoms in the background, showing what this flower used to look like!

  7. This is a beautiful photograph.

  8. This is a wonderful photograph.


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