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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Big Backyard Brings Me Back

I will be the first to admit I was very lucky when I was growing up. I was raised in the foothills of Mt Hood, in the Mt Hood National Forest. This tangle of forest was my backyard. I visit this area as often as possible to revitalize and find myself. The bold, natural colors, the sounds of the water, breeze and birds, and the damp, earthy smells bring me back instantly and remind me that I am proud of who I am and where I have come from.


Jedediah said...

Oregon is my favourite state of all that I visited so far, I would have had a blast in those woods as a kid. I enjoyed exploring them as an adult as well.

Sylvia K said...

Such a gorgeous place and one of my favorite areas in Oregon! Terrific capture for the B Day! Hope you have a great week!

ABC Team

Roger Owen Green said...

GREAT backyard! I;m jealous.
ROG, ABC Wednesday team

JoJo said...

The woods are a great place to explore, aren't they? I grew up playing in the woods behind my house too. Even though the property belonged to a neighbour, she never minded if my cousins and I played there and built our forts. Of course the woods on Cape Cod are not near as impressive as the woods in the Pac NW.

photowannabe said...

When I see the damp mossy forest it makes me just say Ahhh...what a backyard you had. Beautiful post for B.

Leslie: said...

So gorgeous! I love wandering in wooded areas, too. When I lived in Bella Coola, though, I stayed out of those woods for fear of bears! See my post today! lol


Wanda said...

There is noting better than those kinds of precious childhood memories. What a grand "back yard"

Tumblewords: said...

Lucky to have such a beautiful backyard, for sure. Superb photo!

Joy said...

One never loves a place or know it so well as one where you grow up.

helenmac said...

Your photo makes me want to walk into it and be quiet with the trees! Beautiful!
Helen Mac, ABC TEam

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