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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Salamander Pond

A long time ago, I had a friend we will call Joseph. He was one of the most interesting characters I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. A lot of the times we spent together were trekking to unknown locations out in the woods, at the beach, up the mountain. He knew some of the coolest, most secluded spots. His father was an old mushroom hunting hippy, and had made many friends who taught him these hidden gems in the middle of nowhere. This pond is one of those spots. You have to be an adventurer to get there this time of year. There is snow about a foot deep presently (after over a week of melting from the last storm). The pond is half iced over. We called this the Salamander Pond, because in the spring and summer we would sit on the dock you can see on the far side with a small portable barbecue and a few frothy beers and watch the hundreds of salamanders swim around in the water.

Unfortunately, I believe this is the last trip I will ever get to take to the pond. Behind where I am standing they appear to be building a house. The project was on hiatus due to the winter, so I didn't feel too bad trampling through the snow around the area. But I wont make the trip again. The old, hidden gem has been discovered and "habitated".


Martha Z said...

I am fortunate to have access to wilderness areas where no development, logging or motorized equipment is permitted. Soon these gems will be limited to such areas and I worry that as the political winds blow more and more conservative even the areas now designated "wilderness" may be in danger.

Donnie said...

That sounds like a wonderful place.

JoJo said...

Very cool place! Too bad about the development though.

fredamans said...

Very beautiful.


Mel Cole said...

Is that a sheet of ice near the dock? Nice cool scene. Stunning!

You can visit my page at my Watery Wednesday.

Carolyn said...

There don't seem to be many sacred places anymore...development is every where. Lovely photo, lovely memory.

Light and Voices said...

It is too bad that you are losing this sacred place. Perhaps you will find another adventure nearby. Ask? It might happen.
Joyce M

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

The pond creatures must be waiting eagerly for the rest of the ice and snow to melt!


Hey, diddle, diddle,
The dew on my fiddle
Is making it hard to play!

Hey, diddle, diddle,
I need a new fiddle
With all the dew washed away!

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