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Monday, May 9, 2011

Wet Weekend

This weekend it pretty much rained the whole time. Being a true Oregonian means that you realize this time of year is wet and you either deal with it or you stay inside cooped up. But how could you? My dog and I couldn't. On Sunday I had enough of being inside and braved the drizzle. We went a few spots I had not been in a long time. This week I will post some of my wet findings.


  1. lovely. I bet the tulips were happy.

  2. These are nice colors. It rains a lot here in New York in spring. Getting warmer now though.

  3. We are going to Cannon Beach in June for a week's vacation and to escape the Texas heat so I hope it is not raining then.

    Your photo is absolutely stunning!

  4. This is beautiful!

  5. Beautiful tulip, fine colors.

  6. Wonderful colors and composition. Really beautiful capture.
    I'm also getting weary of this rain.
    Will it ever stop..

  7. Beautiful photography here... Happy to have found you to follow!

  8. What a lovely picture. Simply stunning!

  9. Beautiful colors and details of the drops.

  10. This sort of beauty needs the rain, and I for one and glad to be here for both the beauty and the rain. Thanks!

  11. Beautiful shot.. :)


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