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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Latourell Falls

I had Monday off, so a friend and I did something I had never taken the time to do. We drove the Old Columbia River Highway from Troutdale up to almost Cascade Locks. The route is home to many beautiful waterfalls, so we hiked the short trails and I photographed 4 of them. This is the first that we visited, Lautorell Falls. The falls plunge 249 feet.

It was a great time to visit the Gorge waterfalls. Not a lot of people, which is not the case if you go on the weekend!

Here is another view of the top of the falls. I assume the yellow on the rock face is a fungus of some sort. I will post the remainder of the waterfall photos I took over the next few weeks. :)


  1. Nice shots! I've got to get back up there and check out the falls. Always on my way to something else!

  2. Beautiful photos!

    Late Visiting for WW, here's my Watery Wednesday. Drop by when you can, thanks!

  3. 249 feet? They don't look that high. I guess looks are deceptive!


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