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Friday, July 1, 2011

Surrounded by Green

I am fortunate to live where I do, and often times when I am out on my outdoor adventures, I find myself surrounded by green. Our damp environment may be undesirable to some because of the amount of rainfall and overcast days, but to me it creates a heavenly environment that is worth it. This was taken up at Trillium Lake on one of those type of days. The foggy cold dampness kept the crowds of people indoors that day, and the normally packed dock was deserted.

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AkasaWolfSong said...

This is extraordinary! Love the mist sitting on top of the water! I'm one of those that loved Oregon weather...and I miss it so much!

Happy Independence Day! :)

Small City Scenes said...

I, too, love the PNW weather. It sure makes for fun times. Just to be out in the --whatever--weather we have.

Thanks for your nice comment. MB

TheChieftess said...

Beautiful green!!! Thanks for visiting MammothLakesDP!!!

Harry Snowden said...

Its when the magic happens!

Tricia ♥Barn Charmer♥ said...

That shot should be in the dictionary located next to tranquil, serene, & beautiful! =)

Laura~Pretty Pix said...

Peaceful and supremely gorgeous.
I agree.. I wouldn't want to live
any place else.
Have a great holiday weekend!

cieldequimper said...

So beautiful and serene. Can't wait to be back.

Randy said...

What a wonderful spot. I would love to visit there one day.

Jarart said...

You truly are fortunate to live in such a beautiful place. Your pictures are heavenly! Makes me long to be there again.

Sequim Daily Photo said...

This is a great shot...I marked your site in my favorites. One of the things we miss about living in the Portland area is the trips we'd take up to the Mt. Hood area.

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