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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Smoke from Dollar Lake Fire

My blog has been very "Dollar Lake Fire" oriented lately, since that is the big happening up on Mt Hood lately. I took a drive up I-84 to the town of Hood River on Monday, which joins up with Hwy 35. Hwy 35 goes back towards Mt Hood on the east side and gives a good perspective of the fire and smoke on the north side of the mountain. Needless to say, you could barely even see the mountain though. The smoke is overwhelming. Driving around the mountain past Cooper Spur, the blue sky gave way to smoke filled, hazy areas all the way until Mt Hood Meadows, about a 15 mile stretch of road.

The Dollar Lake fire, which was started by lightning two weeks ago, has scorched about 4,500 acres. Fire crews have contained about 30 percent of the wildfire. The flames are burning about 3 miles away from the Bull Run Watershed, the source of drinking water for around 900,000 people living in the Portland metro area. Fire officials expect the blaze will miss the watershed, plus the nearby high-voltage lines operated by the Bonneville Power Administration.


  1. Wow that's some fire, but it is nature at work. As long as it's a lightning strike, that's just the way it goes in nature.

  2. Beautiful capture. Happy sky watching.

    Liz @ A Simple Life

  3. Beautiul photo! A majestic mountain surrounded by clouds - gorgeous!

  4. Its so crazy with our summer heat too (Southern California). Brush fires all over.

    You captured the heavy smoke well!

  5. The weather this year actually has been so extreme from hot to cold, to storms, floods, hurricanes and tornadoes! Terrific shot and it does indeed capture the drama! Stay safe!!


  6. Oh, wow, let's hope fire officials are right about the fire missing the watershed and the power lines.
    Take care.
    — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  7. It's a beautiful picture...scary when you're near it though. We've been having wildfires out here in Texas too (not close to where I am, but close enough).

  8. I would hate to be breathing that air, but it does make for a dramatic shot!


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    Bright or drear—
    Blessed be the sky!

    Sun and star,
    Near or far—
    Blessed be the sky!

    Rain or snow,
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    Blessed be the sky!

    Wind or calm,
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  9. Be safe you capture it well love the mountains. Beautiful :)

  10. Thanks for taking a look at my post. I took that photo of Mt. Hood on August 19 from up at OHSU, before the fire on the north side began from a lightning strike on August 27.

  11. Anonymous12:02 AM

    Oh dear - such a huge fire! But a lovely shot.

  12. A frightening time for those in close proximity. I hope it doesn't affect the watershed or the power lines.
    Very good photograph, a future historical maybe..!

  13. Stunning sky! I remember the big fires some years ago close to where we live -scary,but it gives very unusual pics! Hope you live far enough away from the pic!

  14. Hi, we used to have Family in Portland, so we have visited the area a couple of times.

    Wildfires are scary, special when it is in remote and difficult areas. Hope they will have control very soon and there will be no impact on the water reserve...

    Oslo, Norway

  15. Very good photo.
    Stay safe.

  16. Anonymous2:49 PM

    Very bad news for the native wildlife who used this area as their home and grocery store. Sorry to learn this. Beautiful photo.


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