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Monday, July 16, 2012

Yellow Ladybug

I had to do a bit of research to actually believe that this yellow beetle was a ladybug, but it is. Apparently they do not only come in the standard red with black dots. There are yellow ones, like this, and they can also be found in orange, brown, grey or even black.

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JoJo said...

Great close up!

joanne said...

nice shot....and I once saw a yellow with black dots!

sommerfugldesign said...

Nice capture. I have seen yellow ones before, but rarely!

lorik said...

Beautiful photo - great composition!

Pieces of Sunshine said...

They do indeed come in many colours, or at least here in Australia they do. I have a few different ones on my blog

Lee Ann L. said...

I don't see very many of those! Cool!

January said...

gorgeous lady bug! :)

Dropping by from MYM…Fruits and Vegetables Salad , Pina Colada, Future Engineer and Flower in the Morning

Frau B. said...

Thanks for your comment on my mushroom pic. I really like your pics :)

Kalantikan said...

Yes there are plenty of colors and design. I once posted at the Project Noah just to get the ID which is difficult for me to do. And Caroline Gill (she has a blog) led me to it. She calls it testudinate because of the turtle design. They are lovely, although I seldom find it.

Gunilla said...

Great shot! I love lady bugs.

Pat said...

Safe among the thorns!

Leah H. said...

Pretty! Never see any Yellow Ladybug before. Thank's for sharing:)

Visiting for FPM- hope you can stop by..


Ewa said...

i didn't know they are not only red

Leah H. said...

That is very interesting!

Visiting for MYM- hope you can stop by..


Healy said...

Great shot and very interesting.

Visiting for FPM- hope you can stop by..