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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Mt Hood in October

It is the final weeks before Mt Hood gets snow. Right now, it is looking about as bare as it can. The square snowfield in the center from this view is up at Timberline Ski Area, which is maintained every month of the year for snow sports -- except October, when it is left to melt before the fresh snow falls.

This view is seen from Trillium Lake, where the leaves in the trees are just beginning to yellow.

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  1. Love all the triangles. Wonderful composition.

  2. So pretty.
    Oregon has magnificent scenery.

  3. As I mentioned before, I've never been to any part of the Mt. Hood area....and I've seen photos of Trillium Lake, but this is absolutely beautiful!

  4. Yes, I MUST go there someday!
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  5. I'm eagerly anticipating the time when this mountain is again covered with snow. Ski season is just around the corner! :)

  6. Magnificent Mountain!

    abcw team

  7. Beautiful scene and even better composition!

  8. What a lovely shot! With the snow on the mountain in the background, the water looks chilly! :)

  9. I have a cousin who recently retired to Oregon and bought a small vineyard that overlooks Mt Hood....Love that mountain♫


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