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Friday, July 6, 2012

Sunset over the Columbia River

The other night, my son was quite fussy right at bedtime. The surefire cure for this is a car ride. He usually falls asleep within a few blocks of our home. I realized that this was happening right before sunset, so I grabbed my camera as we headed out the door. I am glad that I did, because I was able to catch the sun right as it disappeared behind the trees on Government Island, which sits in the middle of the Columbia River between Oregon and Washington.

What a great week back. I am so glad I have started blogging again. Thank you to all my new followers here on Blogger and the new people who have "Liked" Hood Photography on Facebook!

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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Waterfall in Forest Park

On Sunday, a friend and I hiked with my son on a trail in Portland's Forest Park. Forest Park is so awesome. Surprisingly, I had never been, but I am impressed by the concept of a large chunk of forest in the middle of Downtown Portland. The over 8 mile long park is one of the country's largest urban forest reserves. This waterfall caught my eye as we walked and I had to get a picture of it. The water was very muddy in Balch Creek that day from the recent heavy rainfall, but the picture, including the water itself, is pretty nonetheless.

To my American blog readers - Happy Independence Day!!!

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Tuesday, July 3, 2012


In keeping with my rainy theme this week... While hiking last weekend, everything around us was dripping wet. You could not help but notice the huckleberries on the edge of the path. This one in particular caught my eye because of the perfect water drop just getting ready to let go.

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