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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Ponytail Falls

Ponytail Falls is located behind the more popular (and more easily accessible) Horsetail Falls in the Columbia River Gorge. I hiked there two weekends ago on my birthday, and feel it is actually more beautiful than it's sister down Horsetail Creek.

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  1. One of my favorite Gorge hikes. Did you make it all the way to Triple Falls?

  2. Your waterfall pics are superb!! Tweeted this - people need to see it. :) Happy Wordless Wednesday. I will *try* to feature this - I'll need to go to your FB page and see if I can get the image. :) I hope you have a great day and I'm thrilled that I get to see such beauties on your blog!

  3. My lord, how many falls are there? The place looks like primeval forest, and I love the name 'Ponytail Falls' - perfect!

  4. Oh my heavens to megatroy....you hike there. I hope the camera equipment wasn't too heavy to carry there. Lovely, Pony Tail Falls shot. The name suits the falls. I haven't ever been there. I wished I had been. Now, I'm 70 years old. Not so sure I could hike that now. Perhaps.
    JM Illinois

  5. This is a gorgeous shot...but you already know that, right!? :-) I'd love to see it in person someday.

    Visiting from Water World Wednesday.

  6. Now obvious from your photo why the falls are called 'Ponytail falls'.

  7. Anonymous3:12 PM

    Great Shot!

  8. Beautiful photo, The falls are so full this time of year. Do you ever get down to Silver Creek Falls? That is a great photo opp as well.


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