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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Upper Oneonta Falls

I have a pretty lengthy bucket list of places in Oregon (and beyond) that I want to visit in the very near future with my camera. One at the top of the list is the famous Oneonta Gorge. I have never hiked through the gorge, but hope to this summer. The closest I could get at this time of year is behind the gorge, where you can find this watery heaven, Upper Oneonta Falls.

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  1. wordless about this stunning pic! thanx :)

  2. Gorgeous... love waterfall pictures. I might have to take a chance to explore Oregon sometime!

  3. Both stunning and gorgeous were the two words that first came to my mind, and then I saw them in the first two comments!

  4. I just love your waterfall photos. You have me convinced that I need an ND filter and will get one soon. :D

  5. oh Magnificent pictures.

    It is so nice to just stand there and look at them right.

  6. It's beautiful! Thanks for joining OYGIF.

  7. the waterfall and pool below look magical....

  8. Can hear the roar of nature in this ...Happy Week-end♫♪


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