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Monday, July 22, 2013


I went on my first solo hike since having my son this weekend, and I had such a wonderful time, taking in nature on my own, doing things at my own pace, and taking in the sights without worrying that whomever I may be with is thinking "does she really have to photograph EVERYTHING?" ;)

However, turns out that I was not exactly as alone as I thought I was.

I was getting all lined up to take a photograph, and was doing a final cleansing wipe of my lens before clicking my shutter when I casually glanced to my left and noticed this frog looking back at me. I slowly took my camera off my tripod and leaned in for a quick shot. Then I leaned closer for a second. And even more for a third. He was a brave little guy. I got within a few inches of him to get this final one, which I did not even have to crop because he allowed me to get so close with my macro lens. I thanked him for being so cooperative and went back to lining up the shot I had originally been working on. When I was all done, I checked and he was still hanging out on the mossy rocks, just hanging out. I enjoyed having the little buddy for the time while I was there!

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  1. That's a great photo - and don't you just love it when the creatures cooperate like that? Nice one!

  2. An exciting moment when the wildlife senses you mean no harm! Terrific macro!

  3. How lucky that you ran into this froggy super model! Glad you got to get out on the trails.

  4. Anonymous3:12 PM

    What great company ~ a gem of nature and fantastic photo!

  5. Such beautiful colors on his/her skin! Thanks for sharing the love up-close with I Heart Macro:-)


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