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Monday, August 19, 2013

In Between Flutters

I feel like I have not seen as many butterflies this year as in years past. I have been wanting to capture a good butterfly macro, but with the lack of subjects that I have seen, it has been hard. However, I was in central Oregon this weekend and this one fluttered right up to the flowers I was standing next too and patiently waited while I snapped my shot.

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  1. gorgeous, love the bright yellow against the butterfly

  2. Anonymous3:21 PM

    Beautiful macro shot ~ butterflies are becoming an endangered species from what I have heard ~ thanks, carol, xo

  3. Beautiful butterfly capture, you were blessed to have one come up. They have eluded me with my camera this year.

  4. I love butterflies! I guess I'm lucky because they always seem to be around on the weekend when I'm out and about in the yard. Great shot!


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