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Friday, February 14, 2014

First Flower!!!!!

Ohhh! You cannot imagine my enthusiasm when I spotted this tiny crocus bud two weekends ago. I did not have my camera with me, but made sure to come back the very next day to make sure I took a photo of it. I am glad I did, because I imagine with the ice and snow, it was all but trampled to death :(

I went and checked my archives. My first flower post of the same crocus plant last year, which is always my first sign of spring to come, was not until March 1st. We are ahead of schedule compared to then, despite this past weekend frigid temperatures. Cold weather is the worst! Is it spring yet?!?!

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  1. That is one hardy flower. Hope it survived last weekend's snowpocalypse.

  2. A beautiful shade on this crocus.

  3. It is beautifully captured.

  4. How wonderful! We have to wait for a few months to find crocuses here.

  5. How can a color be vivid and soft at the same time? Just ask this sweet crocus--it's got all the answers in the wonderful photo. Thanks!

  6. Beautiful captured, so lovely to see the sign of spring is coming soon....

  7. Thank you very much for going back with your camera, they are a delight to see, and I also thank you for sharing them with Today's Flowers. Spring is coming, yayyyy :)


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