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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Snowy Creek

Oh why not show another snowy photo from earlier this month? There is nothing interesting going on in the weather right presently, unless you consider a lot of rain and wind exciting. I do not ;)

This is Arata Creek, which flows through Wood Village, taken on January 8th during our brief 'Snowpocalypse'. I had ventured out before the freezing rain hit to take some photos of the fluffy powder that had dusted over the landscape. I wore my rubber boots, and was glad because wading into the small creek to get this view was easy!

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  1. Pretty snowy creek!

  2. Lovely composed and creative shot for Rurality ~ thanks, carol

  3. Great capture with the snow covered rock in the middle.

  4. It's a lovely creek in the snow!

  5. Lovely shot♪ Hope you didn't get your feet wet! http://lauriekazmierczak.com/screened-print/

  6. What a pretty view, happy you wore your boots too so you could share this shot with us :)

  7. Wow looks like you have a lot of snow there too!

    Thank you for joining Water World Wednesday


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