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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Milky Sunset Waters of the Columbia River

Tuesday night I was standing in my kitchen just after putting my son to bed and noticed out my window that there was this amazing sunset... and I was missing it. I made a promise to myself not to miss the sun going down the next night. And I wanted to make it different than the other sunset photos I have taken in the past.

So last night I headed out with my camera and a few neutral density filters, which until this point I have only used on fast moving water during daytime, never really at dusk. My destination was my favorite local spot for sundown - Chinook Landing. I arrived just in time for the sun to be hitting the horizon and after it sunk below, I captured this slow shutter shot, which makes the waters milky smooth. I love the results, and I hope you do too because I will be using this method again!

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  1. Lovely, peaceful sunset in a beautiful place! Wonderful capture for the day!! Thanks for sharing! Hope you have a lovely weekend!!

  2. A very pretty scene, the sunset is lovely! Happy skywatching and have a great weekend!

  3. Gorgeous and peaceful.

  4. That's a gorgeous sunset!

  5. Anonymous9:09 PM

    Beautiful image! Very calm and lovely.

  6. Anonymous7:06 AM

    Stunning photo of a beautiful sunset

  7. It is a magnificent capture.


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