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Monday, July 6, 2015

My Deer Friend

So I am up near Mt Hood Meadows walking back from Umbrella Falls a few weekends ago. My always helpful mom took my son ahead on the trail so I could take a few last photos before heading back down to the car. I walked a short distance to catch up to them when I noticed a young deer off at the other edge of this meadow. I stopped and quietly changed my lens. When I looked up, the deer was halfway across the meadow, walking calmly right for me. Just as I was about to snap my shutter, my son came running up yelling "Hey Mommy!!!" The deer changed its course at that point, heading back into the woods. But I was able to capture this shot of it peeking around a tree, looking at my son as he squealed in delight, "A deer!" We see a lot of deer, but this inquisitive youngster was really fun to come across. 

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