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Friday, June 26, 2015

Beargrass In Bloom

In my opinion, this is the prime time of year to hike in the Mt Hood wilderness. The weather is typically warm and mild (with the exception of this weekend, where it is supposed to reach 100!), and the wildflowers are amazing! I took my first short hike after injuring my foot a few weeks ago this past weekend, and was amazed at the beauty. I don't take many flower photos anymore. However, I could not pass up clicking this photo. Arguably the most noticeable wildflower in its peak right now is beargrass. It truly seems like there is more flowers than usual. Perhaps our mild winter aided in more blooming this year? All I do know is that it was amazing to see the fields upon fields of blooms.

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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The Red Barn of Hood River

Taking a photo of this landscape is almost an obligatory thing for any photographer driving around the Hood River area. The pear orchard is such a picturesque location, with Mt. Hood looming over the bright red barn. Stopping there is irresistible. Typically photos are taken here in the spring, with the pear blossoms in bloom. It is way past that season at this point, and little baby pears are growing in the trees now! 

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Umbrella Falls

I was able to get out and about and go on my first real walk on my foot after injuring it 3 weekends ago. What a relief! Sitting at home with my foot propped up until I got my stitches out was a real challenge. But I am on the road to recovery, and rewarded my patience with an evening stroll to Umbrella Falls. This particular waterfall is difficult to photograph in that during the day, it is always in the sun. Ugly sunspots occur, overexposing the delicate water trickles and taking away from its beauty. However, after the sun has gone down behind the trees, you can see Umbrella Falls in a whole new, much more photogenic light.

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