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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Pre-Autumn Walk In The Woods

Last weekend was pretty great. Not only was it a 3 day weekend because of Labor Day, but it rained quite a bit. Our area needs the rain, and it was welcome. By Sunday, however, I was fairly tired of being cooped up indoors with a restless 3 year old. We put on our raincoats, met up with some others that were looking for an outdoor adventure, and trekked out into the woods. There was a smell of autumn-to-come in the misty air that surrounded us. The road we walked along was already starting to have a thin orange leaf cover, and above, a few yellow leaves stood out against the tunnel of green.

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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Waterfall From My Past

This secluded gem of a waterfall was a frequent spot that my friends and I visited many years ago. I only venture out to visit it every few years now, and am happy to see that it has remained quiet and well taken care of. Things looked pretty much the same as I remember it from last time I was here, with the exception of the very low water flow.

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Monday, September 7, 2015

First Mushroom Sighting

I think that the people of the Pacific Northwest, for the most part, are really enjoying the rain that we have finally been getting. I love sitting outside and just smelling in the scents and listening to the rain fall. When I went out on a misty, sprinkling Sunday hike, I kept my eyes to the ground in search of mushrooms. I was surprised to only see this one spindly, lone mycena growing out from under a log the entire day. But even seeing just the one fungi made me smile, because I love September, with it's beginning signs of autumn. I am sure today when the weather warms up again and the rain takes another break, more will appear.

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