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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Years End 2015

Happy New Years Eve, everyone!

With 2015 coming to the close, I am happy to present my annual "favorites" list. At the end of each year I select my favorite photos that I have taken over the past 12 months and present them again in one big, final post. 

Choosing the photos that best represent the past year is a fun and exciting challenge. I love to look back and reflect on where I was, who I was with, what we were doing, and what I learned from each photographic opportunity. 

A big thank you to each and every one of you that have supported my photography over the past year. Each comment or like on this website, my Facebook page, or my Instagram helps to keep me motivated to get out there and continue to seek out new adventures and try to improve my techniques. 

And finally, my favorite photo of the year. I took this on Mothers Day. I always think when I am doing these lists "How am I ever going to select a favorite?" This year, the answer was obvious. I love everything about this photo, and the memories of going to take it as well. And now I have the Crimson and Clover song stuck in my head once again...

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