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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Vernonia Lake

The rain has been dumping down for what seems like forever. December set rainfall records, and while we did get a little break in the downpour at the beginning of January, this past weekend the Portland metro area received another 2 inches. This is great for the snowpack in the mountains and for our overall water needs, which suffered so much this past summer. But it is not exactly fun when it comes to wanting to venture outside. Growing restless, we bundled up in our rainboots and jackets and went on a drive west to the small town of Vernonia. When we arrived, the rains actually subsided long enough for us to take a nice walk around Vernonia Lake. This photo was taken from the west side of the glassy lake looking east towards the old abandoned Oregon-American Lumber Company mill fuel bunker, which I posted about earlier this week. The pond used to serve as a place where the railroad cars would dump logs and they would be stored there until their turn to be processed at the mill.

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  1. Quite a dramatic shot, Sarah.

  2. Love this foreground to background! Well layered!

  3. So glad you got a chance to take this fabulous shot!

  4. Beautiful photo, and I so wish some of the rain would travel south to S CA!!


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