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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Ruckel Creek Falls

This weekend was nice enough that we were able to get out both days to enjoy some much needed outdoor time. Sunday we took a drive up the gorge to a waterfall on my bucket list. We passed many other waterfalls that were crowded with cars in the parking lots at the base of the trails. When we arrived at the Eagle Creek parking lot, there were not many, and travelling the short trail to Ruckel Creek Falls, we only saw three other people at the very beginning of the walk. This was great, because once we arrived at the falls, we spent around an hour exploring the bridge at the top and then venturing downstream to the base. We did not see another soul the entire time. There were a lot of fallen trees at the base of Ruckel Creek Falls! The wind storms this winter clearly have taken their toll on the forest.

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  1. Amazing shot! Things look so green and fresh.

  2. The art of moss beautifully frames the fall of waters. Gorgeous scene.

  3. Love the way you capture the water.

  4. Anonymous9:20 PM

    lovely falls


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