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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Behind Boyd Mill

Out in the middle of nowhere near Boyd, Oregon there are the remains of a mill, and behind that, this old leaning building. I searched online and could not find its true origin. But being a sucker for old abandoned structures, I found it to be simply beautiful!


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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Munson Creek Falls

On my sons 4th birthday 2 weeks ago we took the very easy "hike" to Munson Creek Falls outside Tillamook Oregon. The path winds through some pretty forest along Munson Creek, then opens up at the top of a short hill with this breathtaking view of the over 300 foot drop. Midway down the falls is a huge log jam. We walked as far as we could up the trail (it is closed at the top of the platform that you can see here in this photo) to a private area and presented my son with a little birthday cake that we had packed in. Not many kids get a birthday cake at the base of a beautiful waterfall in the woods, but we made it happen because being in the outdoors is his favorite thing!


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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Wildflowers Blooming at Rowena Plateau

First of all, there have been some big changes over the past week. I have officially decided to change my name from Hood Photography to Sarah Bettey Photography. There were quite a few reasons for the switch, but the main one is that I have long been in a new chapter of my photographic life. I chose the name Hood Photography to represent me back when I had practically no experience. I hastily chose a name that covered my main location of photography, which was up on Mt. Hood where I had lived my whole life up until that point. But I was only in my early 20's then and a lot has changed since that time. I feel using my own name as my "brand" better shows what I do now.  Sarah Bettey Photography reflects my true photographic passion, one that emphasizes my own goals of constantly gathering more knowledge of the craft.  I use the outdoor adventures I take with my 4 year old son, family and friends as a backdrop for my photo opportunities. My photography is a direct result personal life experiences I have with those closest to me when I am capturing those images.

Our first adventure under the new moniker was to Rowena Plateau. The balsamroot and lupine are in bloom, and the blue skies above provided a warm, inviting environment for us to spend some time on Sunday. Our old friend Mt. Hood peaked at us over the hills in the distance beyond the throngs of wildflowers.


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