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I have received quite a few 'complements' on this blog to the effect of "I wish I had the camera/equipment to take such a photo". A good camera does not a photographer make. So below I have listed the equipment I use to show that I do not have an expensive, high end set up. My equipment is all old, bought used, and has taken years of practice to learn the minute amount of camera know-how that I utilize. I do not think of myself as a "good" photographer, rather a constantly learning one, and I encourage everyone to continue to hone their craft in hopes that one day, your hard work and talents would be recognized over that of the make and model of your equipment.


My main camera is a Nikon D90 I purchased in February of 2014. I love this camera, and am constantly trying to learn how the proper way to use it and create the best image possible.

My back up camera is an 8 year old Nikon D50. The model has been discontinued. My original D50 was purchased for me by my at-the-time boyfriend, who is now my husband. In spring of 2013, the camera broke, and it was cheaper to purchase a used replacement of the same model off eBay than to have it repaired, which I did. I now use that used eBay replacement as my back up shooter.


I am not ashamed to admit that my main go-to lens is the kit lens that came with my original D50, a Nikkor 18-55mm.

I also have my beloved macro lens, a Quantaray 28-90mm. Most of the macro shots from autumn 2012 and newer have been taken with this lens.

My last interchangeable lens is my Nikkor 70-300mm. I have had this handy zoom lens for about 5 years.

Filters, Effects and Editing:

I use a Hoya PL Poloraizing Filter on my 18-55mm and 28-90mm. I also use a UV filter on my 70-300mm.

I have a collection of Neutral Density filters that I use (ND2, DN4, and ND8)) 

For fun effects using my 18-55mm, I also have a Bower fisheye lens as well as a Quantaray Cross 6x filter.

I use Adobe Photoshop CS2 for editing my RAW images.

Printing Services:

I use Nations Photo Lab for all of my printing needs. A review on their services and why I love them can be found here.

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  1. I like your thoughts on being a photographer. It's the skill of the photographer that makes the great photos. I remember hearing an accomplished photographer say that just keep working at your photography and work hard at it each time you shoot. Hood River is beautiful and it's my 2nd favorite, coast being my favorite place besides my house! I love the drive to and from Hood River, via I-84, from west to east and back.


I appreciate everyone that stops by to check out the Mt Hood to Portland, Oregon area through my photos ... Have a wonderful day!

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